Partner with LIA to create a highly motivating and focused professional development experience for your state, program, or school. An LIA Institute can be scheduled from one to nine days with optional on-site follow-up and/or video conferencing during the following year to ensure successful implementation of knowledge and skills. The LIA Institute experience has been uniquely designed to combine content learning with hands on skill practice and integrated coaching to participants during intervention sessions.

The LIA Institute can target universal Early Intervention Best Practices or specifically target Auditory-Verbal Practice. Institute focus areas can include: Guiding and Coaching Parents, Auditory-Verbal Strategies and Techniques, Facilitating Conversational Competency, the Listening, Learning, and Literacy Connection, Use of Children’s Literature to Grow Thinking Skills, Teaching Activities and Strategies through the Ages and Stages of Child Development, and Hearing and Hearing Technology. Many participants use the LIA Institute experience towards the certification requirements of the AG Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language to become a Certified Listening and Spoken Language Specialist. The LIA Institute can be a cost effective way to provide an intensive professional learning experience to meet your staff development needs. The LIA Institute can also serve as a wonderful pre-conference to your own event.


What Others Are Saying

“Hands on practice with patients and coach’s comments; discussions while watching video clips; discussions with the coach and the therapist after observations; hang out with new friends who are passionate about treating children with hearing loss; Coaches’ demonstrations of how to use different materials to treat children at different ages – all made for a fantastic learning experience!”

– Lucy

“Best experience ever!! Learned MUCH needed info, bonded w/ new friends, got to practice!!!”

– Anonymous

“This was an excellent foundation for AVT. It covered the interface between audiology and AVT very well stressing the slightly differing roles but close collaboration of both. I would definitely like to continue remote conferencing for ongoing consultation and learning. I am continually impressed by the depth of expertise of the professionals, the thorough organization, the willingness to try new techniques such as the video conferencing to reach to expand outreach and learning. Well done in theory and practice. Thank you for continuing to learn and raise the bar for yourselves and for us”.

– Carol

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