A day with Teresa or one of the Learning Innovation team members is a spring board for doing things new, better, or different within your program, clinic, school, or practice. We strive for inspiring, encouraging, and challenging professionals and parents to raise the bar for children in new and different ways to maximize outcomes. For our team it’s not about the therapy activities or the curriculum, it’s about using specific Auditory –Verbal strategies and techniques and Parent Coaching Strategies to create listeners and talkers. Our ideas about listening and spoken language teaching strategies, parent coaching, collaboration, assessment, critical thinking, and hearing technology have inspired others around the world to rethink and redefine their approach to early intervention – especially with children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Inspire your colleagues to expand their expectations for children and their families with powerful teaching tools and strategies.

What People Are Saying

“This workshop was the best I have ever attended. Teresa is an excellent speaker. I’m planning big renovations to my therapy and ready to implement my action plan!”

– Anne, Vancouver

“Teresa gets thought provoking discussions going and brings new ideas to surface without having all the answers – her openness provides for thoughts and information exchange to equip me with new strategies when working with children and their families.”

– Becky, San Antonio


Workshop & Keynote Topics

Parent Power! Guiding and Coaching Parents in Early Intervention

Meet the Parents! Guiding and Coaching Parents in Auditory-Verbal Practice

Adults Are Not Just Big Babies! Addressing Adult Learning Styles and Generational

Differences in Early Intervention

Lend Me Your Ear! Auditory-Verbal Strategies and Techniques

Interventionist Power! Strategies, Techniques, and Activities

Play it by Ear! Current Trends in Teaching Children who are Deaf or

Hard of Hearing to Listen and Talk

Beyond the Here and Now: Use of Teleintervention to Support Children and Their Families

Facilitating Theory of Mind Development and Conversational Competency

The Listening, Learning, and Literacy Connection

Open a Book – Fall Into a Conversation

Current Trends in the Treatment of Childhood Deafness

A Tale of Two Ears: Intervention Strategies for Children with Bilateral Cochlear Implants

Intervention Strategies for Children with Cochlear Implants

Raising the Bar for All Kids – Maximizing Early Intervention Outcomes

Changing Signals: Adult Cochlear Implant Recipients Learning to Listen

Eliminating Boundaries: Collaborative Team Communication

Onward! Strategic Planning for Moving Forward

Mentor Power! Winning Strategies for Successful Mentoring

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